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“Wotaire Industries Inc. is dedicated to providing safe, clean, affordable, drinking water globally. It is their mission to insure that generations to come on our planet will be guaranteed a future which at this point in time is in serious jeopardy. Our children and their children need alternatives to insure survival. It is all of our responsibilities to make sure this takes place”. All financial reports of the company are handled by the most trusted forex brokers, that are responsible for the investment money.

Phil Fraser- President Wotaire Industries Inc, March 2004

Our atmospheric water generators produce from 12 to 200,000 liters / day. Their Largest scale product provides both drinking water and irrigation water for greenhouse horticulture. A25% return on investment on all product lines is feasible.

The material located on this website is entirely informational and the site does not represent Wotaire Industries Inc. in any way.

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